Community Guidelines

Here at Beano HQ we try to make sure everyone gets their say on, but there are a few things that The Editor just won't stand for (or, more likely, sit-in-the-comfy-chair-having-a-cuppa for. HA-HA... Er... You won't tell him we said that, eh? Ta).

To keep a fun and friendly place, here are some helpful guidelines The Editor asks everyone to keep in mind. If you have a question or don't quite understand something, please contact us.


  • Remember that is the Beano's home online, so if you want to say something make sure it's something friendly and funny!
  • If you don't like something, that's okay - if you tell us why! Don't just SHOUT ABOUT HOW RUBBISH IT IS, RARGH, ARGH, BARGLE!!! - we'll just guess that you're the Dandy Editor having a jealous strop and pay no attention.
  • Remember the Beano is for everyone  - so please keep your comments short'n'simple!
  • Don't call people nasty names, bully, or shout at them. We're all Beano fans here!  Well, except the Dandy Editor, but who cares about him?*
    If you won't treat people with the politeness and thoughtfulness you'd like to be treated with yourself, we'll have to ask Sergeant Slipper to remove you from forever.


  • Don't give out your (or anyone else's) real name, address, email address, phone number, blog or web address, IM handle or anything like that.
  • Don't link to other sites without checking with the Beano first - we need to make sure they're okay for everyone.
  • No one from The Beano or will ever ask you for that information, or information about your - like your password. Never give that out to anyone! If you lose it or get stuck, just contact us. If someone asks you to give these details, even if you're sure you know them - don't!
  • If you get a bit worried that someone is asking you for info they shouldn't, just give us a shout using our contact form.


  • Don't pretend to be someone else. Particularly not the Beano staff. It makes them write stories about the web team getting boiled in Ed's tea cauldron (no puny kettles for Mr Editor). That makes us quite irritable (and very itchy), so if we find out you've been up to no good, we'll have to get Sergeant Slipper to boot you out of with his big, clod-hopping boots (OUCH).

* I do! (Signed The Dandy Editor)**

** Get out! (signed Everyone in The Beano!)