Safety Guidelines

Here are some tips to keep your online time at fun and jumping with jokes!

  • Don't give out your real life contact details to anyone - like where you go to school, your phone number, facebook page, twitter stream, address, IM screen names, or anything like that.
  • Don't give out anyone else's either!
  • Keep your password and username safe. Don't tell anyone what they are, or where they are! If you forget them you can go to My Account to get reminded. We'll never ask you for your details in email or in comments - so if someone asks you for them, don't reply, and let us know about it.
  • If someone you don't know asks you for your private info or suggests getting together somewhere, don't do it. Sometimes people in real life aren't who they say they are, and it's the same online. If they really are a friend, they'll understand and be cool with it.
  • If you get bothered by something online, spot something you think shouldn't be on the site, or just need help or have a question, you can get in touch with us with our contact form.